Todd Rawiszer

Director of Photography
Adam has made it abundantly clear to Mark that he wants nothing to do
with him. However an unlucky accident has brought Mark to Adam's aid
while the two rush to fix a messy break.

So Long Friend - Short Film
Genre - Comedy
Length - 14 min
Release Date - Nov. 4th, 2016
Production Company - Todd Rawiszer
Budget - $5,000
Aspect Ratio - 16x9

Cast -
Adam - Joshua Ryan
Mark - Ben Sloane
James - James DiFonzo
Ricardo - Shane Newman
Melissa - Samantha Perry

Director - Zach Robbin
Writer - Todd Rawiszer
Producers - Todd Rawiszer, Eric Itzi
Executive Producers - Todd Rawiszer, Zach Robbin, Eric Itzi
Music - Jimmie Williams
Co-Composer - Danielle Merlis
Director of Photography - Todd Rawiszer
Editor - Todd Rawiszer
Production Designer - Lenore Romas
Unit Production Manager - Eric Itzi
1st Assistant Director - Eric Itzi
Sound Mixer - Thomas Depole
Post Sound Mixing - Nicholas Kmet
Special Effects - Logan Olney-Wall
Graphics - Dustin Ward
Camera Operator - Todd Rawiszer, Zach Robbin
first assistant camera - Dave Saffarian
Casting Director - Eric Itzi
Production Assistant - Dave Saffarian

The producers would wish to thank -
Sandra Newman
Dave Kratz
Robb Foglia
Kate Pfaff
Molly Jozefowski
Jozef Jozefowski
Casey David Johnson
Ben Cates
Joe Parente
Rory Peach
Avita Delerme